Karen Chisholm

What inspired you to record A Perfect World?

Karen Chisholm responded on 05/28/2012

I was listening to a song by Goldspot called Friday, and another one called Rewind and I was playing along with my guitar just listening to the melodies they had, was just inspired by what they were doing, then I started playing around with my own ideas. Then perfect world just came to me. I was thinking on that day about a relationship I have that I can't fix and was thinking that in a perfect world, this person would say sorry and make things right and we could still be friends. Anyway, in about 20 minutes Perfect World was written. The drummer in this video attached is Ramy Antoun. He was my producer for my song Snow Globe. Ramy toured and wrote and drummed for The Black Eyed Peas years ago. Cool stuff, huh? Who is this?

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