Karen Chisholm

When will Cold Soul be released?

Karen Chisholm responded on 02/15/2013

hi roberto. we are planning to release it March 16. I am having trouble in this last phase of recording working with my producer. He seems to have slowed down progress, so I am hoping and praying we make that deadline. It's no fun to plan a big show without a CD to share. I am doing what I can from here to light a fire under him, but I will be back into Austin in two weeks, so I will have a better picture as to when it will actually be ready. But for now, the set date is March 16. We have a back-up date of April 11 if we can't make it by March 16. When I first started doing music, I never realized how hard the work is. It is a lot of fun though, but it takes a long time to produce it, mostly because it is hard to organize everyone's schedules when all the musicians are traveling all over the world! It's like organzing grasshoppers! ha ha! I can't wait to get it into your hands! Thank you so much for love, support and patience!

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